11 . 28 . 09

I like the Mac. I like Safari, iPhones, iPods, and MacBooks. I like the aesthetics and the user experience. I fondly remember my Apple iic, and I’m convinced that Apple builds a superior product. But one question: Why is Apple competing in a market dominated by Microsoft and PC’s? They’re just making live difficult for all of us computer users. Will they ever dominate the market like Microsoft? probably not. Is Apple making any money? probably not. I just got a MacBook and I like it, but I have no idea how convert and manipulate files to PC nor do I want to do that. It’s like VHS and BETA. But everyone is buying both systems instead of choosing one. It’s like Bluray and HD DVD. But Toshiba didn’t back down and make life easier on us. Apple, I have one thing to say: Good job, bravo, but the game is over, go home…

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11 . 28 . 09

This is just a plea asking that you not get gmail. I have had it up to neck with gmail and finally I’m switching over to yahoo. What’s wrong with it? First, the site is not intuitive, it groups your emails in a way that you can’t understand. Why can’t they just open a new tab for each email like yahoo? Second, the firebug fix. My computer at work is slowed by gmail, and I don’t really want to go into my firebug settings every time I get a new computer. What is firebug? Well you don’t need it if you’re not a web developer, but I am a web developer. If google doesn’t care if their workforce and colleagues are happy with gmail, why would they care about anybody else? Finally, it doesn’t even look nice. Why does it take so many google geniuses (might I add the Google blew me off when I was looking for a job) to make this basic looking site that looks like a 1995 HTML newsgroup?


10 . 18 . 09

I’m taking my first mini vacation since moving down to Texas a little bit over a year ago. We decided to go to College Station to check and see what the campus is like. I like it, it’s bigger than I expected, and newer. It’s still difficult to say that if I were in Katy when I graduated high school whether or not I would go to Texas A&M or Texas. To me the situation is comparable to UVA and Virginia Tech. In any case it’s nice getting back to the college life. Today, a campus tour and the George Bush library. Then on to Brenham to look at roses.


5 . 23 . 09

Hockey is a difficult sport to understand, but once you follow it it can be one of the most exciting sports to watch. Granted, regular season games can be hard to pay attention to, but when the chips are down in the playoffs there is nothing better. One can really feel the pressure to score or defend in these situations. It is definitely violent at times but you have to take it with a grain of salt because they all shake hands at the end of the game. My experience with hockey goes back to when I was a young kid where I played gym hockey. I think that this sport deserves more attention across our country if, for nothing else, because of its popularity in Canada. Our acceptance of this sport will improve our relations with not only our northern neighbors but also several European countries. Hockey is here to stay.


4 . 27 . 09

I got my Def Leppard/Poison tickets. Now I have to try not to listen to them too much so I don’t get sick of them before the concert.


4 . 27 . 09

Don’t get GameFly: they say you can rent any game at anytime, but it’s not true. All of the good games they mark as Low availability and they send you something else further down on your list that you really don’t want. I can think of a lot better things to do with $25 month.

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4 . 26 . 09

Carrie Prejean is beyond Miss USA. I was slipping in my faith until seeing this controversy unfold. When you see someone of such stature stand up for what they believe it reaches you and inspires you…


4 . 11 . 09

Ever since moving to Houston I’ve had a dilemma about which pro basketball team to root for. Coming from Pittsburgh, which does not have a professional basketball team, I was pretty much free to choose whatever team I wanted to. The only tension there is that sometimes it is frowned upon for merely rooting for ANY pro hoops team as opposed to college teams (i.e. the University of Pittsburgh).

In any case I am an avid player of EA Sports’ NBA Live series and have chosen my favorite teams on the game to become my favorite teams in real life. Sometimes I would get so interested in the team that I would buy a their respective tshirt, but this could be somewhat dangerous in an NBA town such as Houston.

My favorite teams from the game are the San Antonio Spurs and the Boston Celtics. What I’ve found is that it is the players on the team are what peaks my interest. For instance, my opinion is that Yao is nothing but a body in the lane and has minimal basketball skill. For that reason I don’t think it’s accurate to say that he is the second best center in the NBA. Also, ever since the “beer throwing” incident of Ron Artest, I’m not particularly fond of him. On the other hand, I think Manu Ginobli, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen are exceptional players, thus my inclination towards their team.

Neverless, I am living in Houston and I should pull for Houston no matter what. Whatever happened to “root, root, root for the home team.”? So Yao, Tracy, and Ron I’m sorry to critique you and go win that NBA championship.


3 . 28 . 09

I really like the Lord of the Rings so I’m trying to play it as much as I can. It’s still difficult as I get older I don’t have the urge as much to play video games, but I try to force myself: Just play at least for an hour every day. I have a Playstation 3 but sometimes the games aren’t as robust, or the interfaces aren’t as good. I think computer games are geared more towards adults, they require more thought as opposed to finger dexterity.


3 . 1 . 09

I went to see the Strake Jesuit basketball team play for the second time in the playoffs last night. They are the #1 team in Texas and the #14 team nationally. I can’t figure out the interest in high school basketball. Whether it was last night or 20 years ago when we used to create and play an imaginary league of the country’s best basketball teams, the excitement is always there. I guess once you play high school basketball you dream of being as good as some of these players, so you identify yourself through them.


3 . 1 . 09

I’ve finally extracted as much fun as I could possibly get from NBA Live 09 for Playstation 3. It’s been about four months since I bought it and I think the typical period of interest is about a month or two depending on how much you play. So it’s time for FIFA Soccer. I’m not a huge soccer fan, but I really enjoy the game. I wouldn’t say I’m not a soccer fan, in fact for the U.S. I probably am by most standards. I’m getting better, I’ve finally realized that you have to play these games every year for a certain period of time, or you won’t be good enough to play the most recent release. This has happened with Madden football. I don’t play it enough and thus every year I continue to suck. I don’t like the Madden games anyway because you always get someone who can through the long bomb with success every time no matter how many defenders you have on them. Basketball and soccer are more realistic.

I don’t play games that much anymore, usually it’s just a Saturday morning thing because my parents monopolize the TV. This also prevents me from playing the violent types of first person shooter etc. Actually I’m still trying to figure out if I don’t play those games because they don’t interest me or because of my parents. It doesn’t matter maybe someday I’ll figure it out.


2 . 18 . 09

My iPod Touch broke today, it won’t charge or turn on. Oh well, maybe it’s time to move on and up to an iPhone though I just don’t see the need: I very rarely get important emails, most of them are from, Katy Singles, and places like Barnes and Noble. I was hoping that free Wi-Fi would be the way of the future, but that is only possible in smaller socialistic governments like those that exist in Europe. I think us Americans, in a free market, will have to pay a small fee to access the Web anywhere. Not really a problem for me, but something to think about.

At work I have a difficult assignment: make an expression engine attachment that offers certain publishing features. This is my most challenging assignment to date but I would really like to finish it. It will take some research, and a lot of hard work but it will be worth it in the end.

That’s all for now, hopefully I will finish this website soon.